Making Sure That Your Energy Prices Are As Competitive As They Should Be!


Energy markets are extremely volatile, with an ever-greater, global demand upon energy supplies. Working across the UK and Ireland, at Electron we approach the market

on behalf of our clients every month. Even though you may currently be under contract, we are able and would like to begin advising you in readiness for your next fixed price contract, ahead of time, therefore keeping you appraised of market fluctuations. We believe that knowledge is power!

Whether you annually spend below £5,000 or in excess of £500,000 on energy, in reality most businesses do not consume enough energy alone, to encourage energy suppliers to significantly reduce their unit rates beyond those they would normally offer. We invite your business to effectively unite with our existing clients through Electron to effectively work together when purchasing energy. By joining our "virtual" monthly basket, our clients benefit by having pooled their consumption and driving down the rates available, whilst remaining strictly individual in terms of their own energy contracts.

By constantly monitoring the UK and Global Energy Markets, we specialise in pinpointing the optimum times to secure your energy prices for your next supply agreement. We do not leave this important task to chance, nor simply offer prices at the 'usual' time, the last minute! By agreeing to join our monthly tendering basket, we are not asking you to commit to the process blindly, we simply present our suppliers' offers to you via post, email or in person, for you to consider. All offers are clearly illustrated in a like-for-like manner making it easy for you to make an informed choice. Only when you have chosen your preferred option will we proceed, on your behalf, to secure that offer, furnishing the necessary documentation for your acceptance.

Have your contracts ever rolled-over? By actively managing all aspects of our clients’ accounts, we ensure that all issues, billing, metering, notices, terminations & complaints, are promptly dealt with by us, on your behalf, freeing you from the often frustrating experience of dealing with suppliers directly, or having to decipher exactly when and how any notice must be served.

Electron and our sister company, Exodus Commercial Utilities, are proud to have been selected by NSF Agriculture as their recommended energy management team; NSF Agriculture are the leading UK Farm Assurance Organisation, working with more than 32,000 UK Farms. A part of NSF International, a 'not for profit organisation', their aims are to ensure Safe Food & Water supplies around the World.

In addition to farming, our client base spans the entire business sector and includes well known, national retail organisations, major manufacturers, distribution companies, Hotels and Golf Clubs. We are proud to represent both large and small companies with equal vigour.

Helping to Reduce Your Energy Consumption & Managing Every Aspect of Your Supplies


Working with only proven, tried and tested, expert companies, beyond energy supply negations, we are always ready to impartially advise your organisation as to how you may be able to reduce your annual energy consumption, through the application of various technologies and strategies.

We are not afraid to show you where certain technologies may not be suitable for your business, or where returns on your investment are less than optimum. Our goal is to assist your business to identify genuine opportunities, not to simply try to sell you something at every opportunity.

We help to reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing sustainable, green energy, which is climate change levy exempt. We work closely with Drax Power Station (the UK’s largest, cleanest and most efficient power plant) who are currently investing over £700m in converting all of their Generators to burn biomass, rather that Coal.

Wind Turbines, Heat Pumps, LED Lighting, Voltage Conditioning, Air Curtains and Solar PV are just some of the technologies with which we have significant knowledge and real world experience.

We have been arranging installations of smart meters into commercial premises since 2008 long before the major Electricity suppliers were up-to-speed on this technology! These meters can provide our clients with access to full, web-based, next-day data. One of our clients in particular, used this information to significant effect, and was able to reduce their consumption by over £125,000 per year, as a direct result of enforcing 'better practice' throughout its 700+ stores.

Installing new or disconnecting existing supplies can be very tiresome for customers to arrange. We routinely manage all areas of the supply for you, including meter and voltage upgrades/downgrades.


This graph illustrates actual examples of our customer’s electricity prices (prior to our securing rates for them), against the prices we ultimately achieved for them, by negotiating fixed-price energy contracts through various suppliers over the last 14 years. We value our clients’ confidentiality. Therefore Client testimonials are available on request.

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Customer rates
Our Achieved Rates

Helping to reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing sustainable, green energy

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